Top 10  Best Universities  In The World 2022

10. University of Chicago 

Overall Score: 94.5

Chicago United States

09. University College London

Overall Score: 95.4

London, United Kingdom

08. ETH Zurich

Overall Score: 96.4

Zurich, Switzerland

07. Imperial College London

Overall Score: 97.3

London, United Kingdom

06. California Institute of Technology

Overall Score: 97.4

Pasadena, United States

05. Harvard University

Overall Score: 98

Cambridge, United States

04. University of Cambridge 

Overall Score: 98.3

Cambridge, United Kingdom

03. Stanford University

Overall Score: 98.9

Stanford, United States

02. University of Oxford

Overall Score: 99.5

Oxford, United Kingdom

01. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Overall Score: 100

Cambridge, United States

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